June 10, 2012

Raising the Standard

The initial release of 33 flag sheets (that's 90+ regiments, folks, as some units have more than one set of flags) for the Nine Years War are now available in the LoA Shop! Again, I've used the best data available to me - some units are pure fantasy as we don't know what flags they may have carried and based on educated guesses. These flags could be used for ANY unknown unit, not just the ones I've named them!

More coming soon!


  1. Might I suggest a listing with names of units for each sheet? Or at least a link to such a listing?

    -- Jeff

  2. Jeff, this is just a teaser - each thumbnail is in the shop with the unit names next to it!

    There is also a software problem in the shop at the moment that is causing poor display of the thumbnails, but we will sort it out soon...

  3. Clare, while I don't do this period, I think it's super you're willing to share these with us. I loved your AWI flags and these are just a gift. Thanks.


  4. Beautiful work, regarding the AWI flags, do you plan on doing British/Germans as well and where can I purchase them?

    1. Thanks, Cyrille!

      The AWI flags were created solely for my collection and I thought I'd share the flags here. When I return to my AWI project, I will certainly be adding British and Germans and when I create the flags for my units, I will post them here, free of charge!

      Currently I'm focused on the Nine Years War, again for my own collection but also with the more mercenary goal of selling the flags and making a little extra cash to fund my hobby!

  5. Clarence,
    if I may say so you are a very talented mercenary ;o)
    Thank you for sharing your work. I will most likely buy some of your flags via the League of Augsburg website.

  6. Absolutely stunning flags. Keep up the fantastic work!