June 8, 2012

40k Friday

Soldiers of the Emperor charge forward with support from a squadron of Scylla Light Tanks. 

I saw these conversions years ago on the GW website, but sadly the article is no longer available and I can't even give credit to the author. They were made by cutting down the body of a Chimera kit to make the basic chassis and I used plasti-card to fill in any remaining gaps in the hull. It was a fairly involved conversion project and the results are probably some of the coolest models in my collection!

These tanks were presented as 'counts-as' alternatives to the Sentinel walkers for armoured companies and fit my Death Korps of Krieg theme perfectly. In friendly games I use the tracked vehicle rules rather than the walker rules, but otherwise they are still Sentinels and fill a Fast Attack slot.

Next week I'll post another conversion to make a standard Imperial Guard model fit into the Death Korps theme...

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  1. More great stuff Clarence, I especially like the monochrome pic, very atmospheric!