February 22, 2010

Terrain Boards

I went to the hardware store this week and dropped $200 on materials to build the battlefield for Historicon! The basic plan calls for a 6x8' table that we can use for two different scenarios. This will be six 2x4' framed MDF boards that will be designed to fit together in several different configurations. I already have a detailed tutorial of my process on the Articles page of my main website, so I won't be duplicating that here. However, I will post WIP pics and cover anything that I do differently and I will be happy to answer questions as things progress.

We will be running two or three games a day every day at Historicon, featuring two different scenarios for two different games (yes, we are crazy). Half of the games will feature my Napoleonic collection and will of course use REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE, while the second game will be pike and shot featuring the upcoming second edition of BENEATH THE LILY BANNERS (hopefully available this Spring). Details are still be worked out, but both scenarios feature a river crossing.

On the painting front, I am currently working on a unit of the 32nd Leger, expanding a unit I painted for skirmish games to a small battalion of 24 models...


  1. I have always loved Light infantry and those look great! I am thinking of using the remainder of my victrix French infantry in shakos with their new both of grenadiers in greatcoats to make a unit of Light infantry. I must say the faces on these victrix guys are the top of the hobby right now i think.

    Good luck

  2. Cheers Clarence! I was hoping you'd do a bit more on the terrain construction - I know you've got detailed instructions and pic on the linked site but some WIPs of what you're doing for Historicon will be greatly appreciated to those of us who have admired your artistry and technique constructing those boards. I for one will certainly look forward to your posts on those as much as I did on the progress you posted on the last batch of figures.

    Not just blowing smoke up your derriere my friend (well OK... maybe just a little) but genuinely interested in how you achieve those results with your terrain making!


  3. Thanks, Doc! I will certainly post tips and WIP photos as the project progresses, I'm just not planning on going into the same level of detail on the construction of the frames, etc. I am planning on going all out with these boards so there should still be plenty of new material. In addition, I will be constructing a bridge and some Spanish buildings and I'll make sure to show WIP pics of these as well!

  4. Hi Clarence,

    I have watched your terrain building closely, what brand of terrain cloth do you use in your terrain modules.


  5. JAM, the terrain cloth is a flocked felt mat and it's important to use the cloth backed mat rather than the paper backed with my technique. My terrain mats are Monday Knight Terrain Mats and I get them (and tons of other stuff) from www.thewarstore.com.

  6. Looking forward to meeting you guys and playing the games at Historicon this year. It will be my first trip there. Since I've been play testing the new BLB rules I have extra interest in being there to see the reaction of folks. I've never been a big Napoleonic guy but I also want to try R2E.


  7. I will also be at Historicon for the first time and actually my first ever gaming convention so I am excited. I am mainly coming for R2E and to buy more Nappy figures! Very excited


  8. It will be my first big gaming convention as well (and indecently, the first time Barry and I have met in person). I am really looking forward to the experience and the chance to meet everyone.