February 8, 2010

6 in 24

I managed five models today! That is probably an unrealistic pace for the rest of the week. My normal goal is four models a day and to paint at least four days a week - the great coats tend to speed up the process so we'll see how it goes...

Damn! Speaking of great coats, I just realized I forgot the third highlight on guys wearing the gray coats! I generally don't bother with the third highlight on small items, like a rolled up great coat, so I skipped the third color! Well, I'll remedy that tomorrow in addition to anything else I get done.


  1. Nice work Clarence, six models is a 'cracking' pace, but coming from a painting sluggard like me maybe not such a compliment. The result is what counts not the blogging braggadocio that some seem to get into with the numbers of figures painted and how quickly they did them.

    A good job is a job well done if you get my drift - and I like what you've done thus far. Besides, what's the hurry? There's always more figures to paint!


  2. Nice work! I like the brown and sky blue together.

  3. Heh, you're right, Doc. In this case, however, speed is of the essence because I am hosting a game in a couple of weeks and I need these buggers to finish off the last brigade.

    I also have a s**t-load of models (not an actual historical level of organization)to paint for Historicon. In any case, my painting style is the same whether I paint one model or five models at a time. Some characters may get a little more detail, but for the most part I paint to turn out armies and more often than not, I paint two armies for any period I wade into!