February 9, 2010

11 in 24

Charging on!


Barry has started a new feature in his gallery on the LoA site to illustrate unit types and sizes for playing games with REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE. Hopefully it will become a handy reference source for players building Napoleonic collections. His site will concentrate on the 100 Days Campaign and I may try to do something similar with my area of interest in the Peninsula.


  1. I thought the grey looked good before, but now.....WOW! That's good.

  2. You are cracking through those at a fair rate of knots Clarence!
    Once the Fifth Columnists have stopped attacking my site and it's back up I'll post the second featured unit and maybe some WiP pictures of my Jeune Guard Tirailleurs!

    Keep 'em coming Sir!

  3. These are really good! The greatcoat looks even better and the uniform is really unique looking. Just a question about the uniform are they suppose to be in the 1812 Bardin uniform or the older one? It looks like the way you painted it was to make it look like the older uniform and if so they it is really well done.

    Really enjoy the smaller nations

  4. Michael, the Bardin uniform is completely wrong, but I knew this when I decided to use them (the unit was disbanded by 1811). My armies are a mix of old and new uniforms and I generally use whatever I have on hand. I did use paint to make them look more like the older uniform.