February 10, 2010

15 in 24

Following up an a question from Michael on the last post, I want to point out that the Perry Bardin 1812 uniforms are completely wrong for this unit due to the fact that the battalion had been disbanded in 1811! To be perfectly honest, I don't worry too much about the pre/post era uniforms - I have both in my armies. There are overlaps in the period where both would be worn, but this unit they would never have worn the 1812 uniform.  The last four or five units I've painted have been Victrix and I really just wanted a change of pace.

How important is historical accuracy in your collections?


  1. I feel proud to have my name in your post! I would have to say though the way you have painted them is very effective and even with maybe a little green stuff it would still look even more effective. Two things can you point me in the directions of these any plates on this unit and maybe I am a new wargamer I love history, but never played before. Would Republic to Empire be good to use with two completely new players? Thanks again


  2. If the proper uniform is available from a manufacturer I like, I will use it. If minor greenstuff will fix it, I will fix it.

    Otherwise, it's more important that you know what is or isn't correct.

    And if anyone tells you that there's too many buttons for April of 1812, tell him "A Wizard did it"

  3. I once wrote a piece on the Wargames Fashion Police and how to deal with them Michael.
    How important getting a uniform is depends on who you are. Many of the most famous paintings by people like Croft and Butler have the wrong uniforms on troops.. they call it artist licence.. we might call it poor research. If the paint job is good.. then, it's good enough in my book.
    Republic to Empire will be fine for new players particularly if you are learning together. When we ran a game for members at the Edinburgh club who hadn;t played before they picked up the sequences and mechanisms within 3 moves with a little help from the more experienced guys. Reading it and messing around with your models on the table is the best way to learn any rule set.

  4. Great progress on your Perry's - You should give their French Heavy Cavalry a go.

    As for your question on historical accuracy, I don't worry about it too much as long as the figures can be generally be identified by timeframe and nationality, say "Napoleonic French". It's really a question of time allocation. I have so many hours I can devote to the hobby (this work thing can be very inconvenient) and I'd rather do basic research and free up time for painting or playing. Others like the research end more, which is fine.

    Great blog and your painting skills are most admirable.

  5. Looks great!

    I do things like Tyler said. ;-)

  6. I don't care that much about the French uniform but I do care more so about the color of the french uniforms. I rather have a somewhat correct shade of blue than a correct issue of a French uniform. But then again I would put a Bavarian Raupuhelm on a Bardin French uniform and be fine with it. Hopefully, one day someone what create a decent line of Bavarian army that comes from either the Perry Brothers or Victrix.

    By the way do you have a miniature picked out for Marshal Ney? I always pictured him as a very intense Hussar like back in his old days.

  7. The painting looks great! One question though. What are you using for primer?

  8. Michael... there are plates of the unit around, though a quick search on the net didn't reveal any this afternoon. I have a couple of different sets, but I don't think I can legally post them because I don't exactly remember where I got them! Also, I think REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE is fine for beginners. If you have any questions, you can always drop me a note or go over to the League of Augsburg forum - there is a section devoted to R2E and lots of people over there with experience playing the game, not to mention the esteemed Mr. Hilton himself!

    Ron... I use Games Workshop Chaos Black spray paint. I've tried other brands I won't mention by name and had some poor results, so I always keep a couple of cans of the GW stuff on hand!

  9. Michael, I have the Foundry version of Ney already painted (there's a great shot in REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE, but there's also one in the gallery section of my OTHER website at www.quindia.com

    I'll put up some pics with him here too when I take some shots of the complete Division - actually commanded by Loison, but I figure Ney leads from the front and would be likely to take command where ever the fighting is thickest - that will be on my humble table when the formation takes the field! Loison can come back as soon as I get a whole corps painted (laughs like a meglomaniac)!

  10. He probably was always in the front and there is a great picture of him at Friedland that shows him in the thick of the action next to Grenadiers of the line who just were struck by a cannon shot. By far one of my top favorite generals including Davout and Lasalle.