February 11, 2010

20 in 24

Whew! Just the light company to go!


  1. Getting close Clarence, getting close! These are looking the business, for sure. I like the brown uniforms - a nice workman-like change! Like many Corsicans in French service, these Italian cousins in brown have a very hard look to them - the rigors of Spain no doubt!

    I noticed you're not an 'eyeball' man? Your painting results are so good its not a criticism at all - I'm just curious, do you use a stroke or two of brown tone to suggest the eyes or something else - or not bother with anything other than wash/dip for shading? I'm torn between the two - I'll paint them if the figure suggests it in the sculpt (like the larger Victrix) but not with most of the Perrys. I'd be interested in your views on it.

    BTW - those skirmishers in the white uniforms on the left (more Italians?) look fantastic.


    PS: I've nearly done some of the Perry's cuirassier - you should try them - beautiful models to paint!

  2. I paint the eyes on some of my collections - my Darkest Africa and all of my Warhammer 40k stuff have painstakingly painted eyes. With Napoleonics for me, it's about massed ranks of models. When viewed on the table top, the detail is simply lost as the models appear more like the small thumbnails on the left. I just don't find it necessary.

    When I paint this way, I simply paint the entire face with Foundry Flesh A and then paint the first highlight of Foundry Flesh B around the eyes as I define the rest of the features. Foundry Flech C is used to pick out the tip and bridge of the nose, highest part of the cheek bones, the chin, and sometimes the edge of the jaw. When I'm painting in a more detailed manner (eyes, etc) my first flesh color is Foundry Terracotta A or Dusky Flesh B and then I start building up the shapes with Foundry Flesh A, etc. I am planning on adding some of the new Foundry flesh tones to my arsenal in the future. One of these days I'll get round to a proper post on my painting technique, but I don't think there's anything groundbreaking about my process.

    The guys in white are Westfaliens and form part of my 'foreign brigade' when I'm not worried about fielding historically accurate formations (2 battalions of Legion Hanoverienne, 1 battalion of Westfalien, and soon 1 battalion of Legion du Midi).

    I have been dying to get some of the Perry cavalry, but as there were no cuirassiers in the Peninsula (ok, I know there was one regiment, but they would have been very rare) I have resisted the temptation. I check the Perry site every day waiting for the pre-order of the Dragoons!