December 13, 2015

New Flag Sheet

There is a slow trickle of new flag sheets on the way from Quindia Studios, starting with some new English regiments: the Royal Fuzileers, Scots Fuzileers, and Sir William Clifton's, circa 1686...

Available in the LoA shop here.


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  2. If you are looking for an new late 1600s conflict to create flags for is the Scanian War a good idea. There exist an quite good Swedish book (don't you worry, there exists an English version of it as well) containing all known facts about Swedish units during the war when it comes to uniforms and banners. Banners are almost allway shown in colour and usually both in regimental and company/squadron variants.

    The book is, if I remember right, written with the wargamer in mind. (There are at the very least one wargaming-club mentioned somewhere in the Swedish version.)

    The book is called Scanian War 1675-79 : Colours and uniforms. It is written by Lars-Eric Höglund and is translated by Daniel A. Schorr.

    I'm quite sure you can borrow it from other countries. (Ask your local library how to do it.) It will cost a bit to do it however... :(

    1. Thanks...

      I did a pile of Swedish flags for the GNW and if I recall right they are very similar (I have Hoglund's books from that period). Also all of my Danish and Dutch flags are from pre-1691 and many are applicable to the Scanian period.

      I will try to find that book, because you can never have too much source material!