December 27, 2015

Frostgrave Game Board, Part Three

I managed to make quite a bit a progress over the last few days on this project...

The thing that took the longest was getting the roof sections to fit snuggly - there was a lot of math and a little bit of cursing involved...

I also used balsa wood to trim out most of the balustrades and add a little extra detail on the largest walls. Finally I cut out about a jillion (well, it seemed like that anyway) card rectangles to add the illusion of stone bricks.

Then I covered the entire board in a mid-grey (matched GW Dawnstone in a quart from the hardware store) mixed with a small amount of sand to add texture.

Finally I drybrushed and stippled a light grey (matched to GW Administratium) to bring out the texture and details. I'm only going to do one highlight layer because I want a fairly monchrome appearance to the structure which I think helps create a moody, cold landscape.

I plan on painting the edges of the board the same color as the initial coat, but I wanted them smooth so I skipped them when I did the base coat. The next step is adding a bit of weathering with oils and mineral spirits which I may to get to later today. I'm not going to do as much as I might if this were to be a 'normal' city ruin (see above about the monochromatic effect), but I want to add a little variation.

Finally, I decided to go all in on Frostgrave and add snow and ice, but I'll talk more about that when I get there...


  1. Wow the shading looks superb on that board. Well done.


  2. excellent progress. look forward to seeing more

  3. Replies
    1. That is really awesome. I can't wait to see more. It's amazing how not bricking the whole section of wall, makes it look so much better.

  4. That looks great!

  5. I like very well your board. The Terraces/levels are a great idea.


    1. Thanks! One of the things I think is important in a good game layout is height. The different levels also add to the tactical challenges of any game.