December 17, 2015

Frostgrave Game Board, Part One

I am going to build a new board for Frostgrave (which I can also use for Donnybrook and Mordheim). The recommended game size is 36x36", but I am going to make a 40x30" board which is nearly equal in square inches. The reason for this is I can use a single 1/2" piece of foam core as the base.

When starting any kind of project like this, I always start with a sketch. It doesn't have to be perfectly to scale - the main goal is to capture the feel I want for the design. In this case, it is a multi-level street with lots of staircases, while leaving plenty of room for buildings, ruins, etc.

After I have a concept I like, I make a scale model in Google SketchUp (free 3D software). I prefer to render my designs in a sketch style (they have photo texture fills, etc. but they always strike me as very 1980's Atari, and aren't really necessary for what I need).

There will be much more detail, but this helps me get the frame built. Goggle SketchUp has a measuring tape tool that lets me determine exactly how long each wall section needs to be, the height of stair cases, etc. I can even print out perfect side views so I can cut out the outer walls from a single piece of foam core. There will certainly be changes once I start cutting foam core, but without these diagrams it would be much more difficult to make this concept reality.

Assuming this goes well, I will probably build a second board as Mordheim and Donnybrook work better on 48x48" (mine would then be 40x60").

It may be a few weeks before I'm able to show much progress with the holidays looming, but I'll post more pics as I get on!


  1. Very cool. Looking forward to the progress.;)

  2. I love a bit of Google sketch up myself. Great start.

  3. Looking good Clarence, look forward to see how the board progresses

  4. Looking good Clarence, look forward to see how the board progresses

  5. That looks great! And thanks for reminding me of SketchUp. This is indeed useful and will hopefully help me to continue with my own gaming board.