May 2, 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ok, I need ANOTHER game like I need a hole in the head, but I have resisted as long as I can.

I have been watching the development of this game since the beginning (and was a member of the failed Kickstarter). I really like the Bolt Action WW2 rules and the core of Antares is very similar. The aesthetics of the universe is shaping up as well. After rereading the Beta Test PDF (available free PDF here), the rule expansions for vehicles/etc., and the play tests (all on the Warlord website), I decided to give in an order ONE starter army.


No, I mean it!

I ordered the Boromite Labour Guild starter army, but I am really not going to buy anything else until I manage to paint the entire set.


See, I have the tendency to get out of hand with my hobby. What I really wanted to do was order one of every model kit released so far - I think the entire range would only run around $500. But, no. I picked the Boromites because they are very different from everything else I own. I even like the 'official' colors and will will probably paint them in a similar manner to the pic above. When I get all of these painted (and no guarantees it will even be this year depending on what else I get into), I will buy a second starter army - probably Concord unless they've gotten around to releasing the Freeborn (expanded to a full army according to Rick's latest article). Only after I have two PAINTED starter armies and had a chance to actually play some games so I see what I want to add will I think about expanding the collection.



  1. I too have been drawn to this game. I'm in the mood for a sci-fi game and have been a fan of Rick Priestly. However even if I painted both sides I know I won't find enough people to play. This happened to me with Deadzone already.

    1. Oh, I WILL have to paint two armies, but my friends will play... My problem is finding the time to play!

    2. On the upside, you're almost ready to play Warpath with all your Deadzone minis!