May 23, 2015

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor

I mentioned a few weeks back that my brother currently has my Crimson Fist Space Marines. He has added some models of his own, but he really wanted to add Pedro Kantor to the army and asked If I'd paint him to match my others. I already had the model tucked away in the closet and spent a few hours getting him ready for the table...

The net is rife with rumors that a new Space Marine codex is on the way in a few weeks (Really? I mean I play Space Marines and will no doubt benefit from the latest round of power creep, but the life span of a codex has become ridiculous - maybe I should stick to Rogue Trader). Hopefully he will still be in the book! For that mater, I wish they would include Red Scorpions so I can drop the stigma of having a Forge World army. I actually don't mind running the Red Scorpions as vanilla marines, but I did paint up a few extra medics to serve as tactical squad leaders...

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  1. "maybe I should stick to Rogue Trader"
    Do it! Pick an edition you enjoy and play that one. We did and we've never looked back.