May 20, 2015

Boromite Overseer Team

Here is the finished Overseer Team...

The members of the Overseer Team are armed with Plasma Carbines and Reflex Armour and the leader has a Tractor Maul, a development of a mining sampler tool that is extremely effective as a close combat weapon. They are accompanied by a Spotter Drone. Presumably there will be more options when the army lists are developed further, but these will do for now!

I haven't done much work on the fluff for my Guild as there isn't much information yet available. The Beta rule book sums up the Boromites in this manner...

Although they are spread throughout Antarean space, Boromites maintain strong contacts with each other via the trading networks of the Freeborn. Boromite labour gangs are but one of the many human services traded by the Vardos. Occasionally, Guilds will band together to fight, most likely to secure some mineral rich planet or scavenge some lucrative wreck or abandoned facility. Boromite forces are based upon their work gangs, generally speaking extended families, which belong to competing labour Guilds. Guilds are organised for self-protection and held together by insoluble ties of honour and obligation. The leaders of these Guilds, the secret core at the heart of the extended clan, are aged and much feared matriarchs. 

Amongst Boromites it is the womenfolk who head up the families and whose word is law. In some respects Boromite Guilds have all the hallmarks of organised criminal gangs, and are behind many of the subversive activities throughout Antarean space. Rival Guilds sometimes get involved in turf wars. Vendettas between old enemies can last for generations, but all will close ranks in the face of a common foe – which is pretty much everyone else as far as the Boromites are concerned. Their hardiness and determination make them highly valued mercenary fighters. 

Boromite gangers can be armed in almost any fashion, but they uniquely make use of weapons developed from mining tools including mass compactors and frag borers. Reflex shielding is common and the metallic nodes that support the reflex armour field are often fixed directly into the wearer’s thick hide.

I'm going to play up the organized crime angle with a Guild that supplements it's legit mine labor and mercenary work with smuggling. More Boromite forces are on the way. My speed at painting them has increased since I worked out the process and have a couple of models under my belt.

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