May 15, 2015

Boromite Color Roughs

My first Antares models arrived in the post yesterday and I've been kicking around a few ideas for painting them...

Number One is the 'official' studio version, as is number six with a different weapon and armour color. Two and five keep the same skin color, but change the rocky bits to a red or orange - both would be more toward earth tones than the bright colors they appear here. Version five looks like a member of the Fantastic Four. Three and four shift the rocky texture to a more neutral grey and add color to the skin tone - again these are brighter than they would be on the models.

While this was a useful exercise, I will probably just have to sit down and paint a few before I decide!


  1. Clarence,

    Personally I choose to paint my figures in fairly bright colors (often a red/gold combination) for a simple reason.

    I have noticed over the years (with many different game systems) that while I am always aware of all of my opponent's troops, I would far too often overlook some of my own units . . . so I paint them bright colors so that I will have a better chance of not forgetting to act with them . . .

    . . . sadly it is still an imperfect system and I still do sometimes forget . . . but it is better than before.

    So if you have ever been troubled by forgetting to act with units, you might want to "choose wisely" in terms of paint schemes.

    -- Jeff

    1. I've done that too! Fortunately that will be difficult to do in Beyond the Gates of Antares. The game uses Order Dice drawn at random from a bag - different colors for each side, one die per unit. When one of your dice are drawn, you place it next to a unit when you activate it. The turn isn't over until all of the dice have been allocated. I still might need to hunt for that last unit, but at least I'll know it's still on the table!

  2. I always find this stuff fascinating. As someone who is colourifically challenged so to speak I find it very helpful. Having said I suck at colour choice, how about the skin tone of Number 4 with the blue from Number 5?