March 6, 2014

Go Big or Go Home - Imperial Knights

Games Workshop rolled out an amazing piece of kit last weekend for Warhammer 40k... a 28mm version of the Imperial Knight from the olden days of Adeptus Titanicus. This one man titan towers above the battle filed at a height of 6.5 inches on the tabletop (or maybe a little taller as we shall see). It was such an amazing model, I bought five of them...

I'm not going to delve into the rules (I think I've said before I suck at actually playing these games because I always field the units I want to paint rather than the best combos), the implications for the future of the game (seems like a lot of tournament players are up in arms about what these types of super heavies do to the balance of the game... I don't bother with tournaments), or GW's price escalation (It's an expensive hobby). I simply thought it was a great kit and the idea of these monsters stomping across the table with TERMINATORS swarming around their knees had me sold in a big way.

I probably should have built the first one straight out of the box, but I wanted one striding through rubble like the picture above. The very fist thing I did to this very expensive kit is break out my jeweler's saw and cut the left leg in half below the knee. There is a perfect guide to follow, but be warned that your saw will not simply follow the groove. Take your time and this should be an easy conversion. I used a knife and a file to clean up the pieces once they were separated. Then I simply glued the two halves together. The angle of the bend needs to leave a small space so you can attach the hose to the bottom of the thigh.

After this, the rest of the construction was fairly straight forward. The only other fiddly bit was replacing the hose on the left leg. I used an old necklace from my bits box, but a bass guitar string would work great as well. I removed the couplings from the plastic hose, drilled out the components used super glue to attach the new hose after gluing the couplings to the leg.

Here are the results so far. The rest of the build should follow the instructions from the kit.

I haven't figured out how I want to paint my knights yet, but I'm not in a hurry. I have another conversion underway as well... stay tuned for more!


  1. Looking good. I can't wait to see the full model.

  2. Really like how you have done the base, are the building part all from the same kit or from all sorts of places?

  3. The building pieces all came from the same GW kit... I think it was the Manufactorum. I had parts left over from another project so they actually came from the bits box, but I believe they were all from one kit.