March 8, 2014

Imperial Knight - Part Two

Here's the big guy at the next stage of assembly. I managed to work out the placement of pins on the feet so the model can be removed from the stand for the initial painting stages. It took several tries to get everything the line up properly, but it will make it easier to paint the base. The chainsword arm is not positioned properly, but nothing is glued yet. Of course most of the armor is still missing as well, but I want to paint the plates separately. With the armor removed, painting the skeleton is 90% drybrushing and washes and it will make it easy to finish a large part of the model.

I'm still not sure how I am going to paint these yet, but I have narrowed it down to one of the houses included on the transfers in the kit. I have five of these monsters and I don't want to buy five extra transfer sheets at $20 each. Actually I think I am going to paint four from one house and paint the fifth as a Freeblade so I can exercise a little creativity with that one.

There are three Imperial aligned and two Adeptus Mechanicus aligned houses include on the kit transfer:

House Terryn (I) House Terryn is blue and gold and is the guy featured on the cover of the box which normally makes me shy away from this scheme.
House Hawkshroud (I) Hawkshroud SOUNDS cool, but their main color is a bright yellow... that seems like an awful lot of yellow. I'm going to pick up the Imperial Knight Companion today (edit: grumble, grumble... none of my FLGS had the companion book yet... thought it shipped the same day as the codex) if I can find a copy and see how much latitude I have to play with the 'official' heraldry. If I can quarter the scheme, say in yellow and black, this might be the winner. I can always tone down the yellow to more of a golden color as well.
House Cadmus (I) House Cadmus is green which kinda feels like WW2 tanks... hmm... I wonder if the knight houses employ camo?
House Taranis (A) House Taranis is red and white and looks like a super hero.
House Raven (A) House Raven is red and silver, but bears a distinctive black and yellow chevron design on the carapace which seems unique.

Sadly, there are only transfers for ONE Freeblade, the Obsidian Knight, but I can either spring for one extra transfer sheet (which has lots of Freeblade emblems) or just make up my own.

I'm going to try and undercoat this monster today and get in some painting next week, assuming I actually decide on a knight house...

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