March 17, 2014

Imperial Knight - Part Five

Ok, now he's really starting to look like he means business...

...minus the intense shine. I sprayed on two thin coats of gloss varnish in preparation for the next step (should have taken the pics first, but it is interesting to see how the decals have completely blended into the armor plates now).

I used Abaddon Black and Runefang Steel to add some damage to the silver trim in the same manner I treated the armor in Part Four. Then I used a fine sponge to stipple Mournfang Brown and Skavenblight Dinge over the entire model. Don't be afraid of this step... it is easy to use your base colors to correct any mistakes! I also went back and applied Nuln Oil to all of the rivets again.

You can also see I finally started working on the base. It's too monochrome at the moment so I need to add some contrast because later weathering will blend it all together and if everything starts too close in value the effects will be lost.

I've glued on all of the armor now except the shoulder guards (they are held in place fairly firmly by blu-tac) because the next weathering steps need to be consistent across the entire model. I've left the should guards free so I can remove the arms... I am still holding out hope that when Forge World starts releasing bits for the knight (rumors say details may be revealed at the March 30th FW Open Day) the weapon arms will include the shoulder ball rather than just the lower bit. Failing that I want to be able to remove the arm, take a saw to the relevant bit, and add magnets - I didn't do this yet because we don't know where any conversion kits might join!

Up next... oil and grime!

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