March 21, 2014

Fellowship Friday - Aragorn (Strider)

'With hope or without hope we will follow the trail of our enemies. And woe to them, if we prove the swifter! We will make such a chase as shall be accounted a marvel among the Three Kindreds, Elves, Dwarves, and Men. Forth the Three Hunters!'

Not sure why they replaced the quote above with 'Let's hunt some orc!' in the movie when the heroes set out to rescue Merry and Pippin. Anyway, Aragorn is probably my favorite fantasy character of all time, especially as Strider.


  1. Excellent painting with attention to detail as always! As a Dane, I can only agree. Viggo is King :0)

  2. plase tell me hwo ypu paint his beard this is look sa amazing !

  3. I painted the face as normal, will normal shading and highlights. Then I used a 1:1 mix of Agrax Earthshade to water to paint the beard... I think it took two coats, but thinning with water is to avoid getting the area too dark. The original highlighting and shading create the variations you see in the photo.

    Hope that helps...

  4. fantastic figure & amazing detail.