January 24, 2010

Starter Scenario for REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE

REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE is the Napoleonic rules that I worked on with Barry Hilton. The general impression I've gotten from reading forums and blogs is that people think the rules are complicated. The game play is smooth and free flowing with minimal need to refer to the main text once concepts have been mastered. New players usually pick up the key mechanisms within three to four game turns and our play testers were able to run games using only the quick reference sheet.

REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE can be used for all scales although they are primarily written for 28mm scale Divisional to Army level games. However, during play testing, most of my games were played solo with only a single brigade per side. The mechanics work perfectly fine for games of this size with one simple rule change: No Manoeuvre Points are required to maintain Brigade Orders. Manoeuvre Points are still required to allocate new orders to brigades or issue Single Unit Actions.

Playing games in this fashion is the perfect way to learn the rules or introduce new players to the hobby. A game of this size can be played in about two hours, possibly less once you've got the hang of the rules.


  1. Hi Clarence,

    I think it is an excellent idea that you put this scenario up. On first read RtoE does seem a little complicated. I have not tried it because of the size of the units, but I have ordered some magnets and basing material to convert my 3 figure bases to 6 figure bases in order to play with some ease.

    Might I suggest that in a week or 2, you publish an action report for the scenario spelling out at least a couple turns.

    I am looking forward to trying your rules.

  2. As one of those that voiced a query over my surprise at the perceived complexity after a quick read through ... many thanks Clarence. I'm looking forward to trying the rules but this wont happen for a while yet.

    von Peter himself

  3. Jam, I actually have a battle report coming up, but I have to take the photos to match my notes from the game... probably up in a week or two.

  4. Hi Clarence,
    I am actually trying this scenario. The rules do take several read-throughs, but I am pushing on. Early question? Do you treat the Bde Gen as a CinC in this Bde level scenario, thus adding 4 MP's to each turn, this seems to be obvious but in the Pierpointe Farm scenario, I note on the first turn Jerome gets only 1 fixed MP, suggesting that you do not use CinC ratings in anything below an Army level game. The table in the QRS does not even include Bde level commanders.