January 23, 2010

New Camera

I just purchased a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi. I decided it was time to upgrade my photography equipment. For years I've used a Canon Power Shot S30 and I've had good results (All of my photos from Republic to Empire were taken with the S30). Recently I've noticed my old camera's auto focus function seems to be having trouble and I started looking around for a replacement. After a pile of research online, I picked the XSi.

Right out of the box, I got this shot among my first attempt:

The only post production on the computer was a 5% increase in brightness to bring out the brushwork in the fur bonnets. I'll post more about my photography in the future with details of my set up and camera settings, but for now let me say I am ecstatic with my choice.


  1. Nice photos Clarence. I'm especially impressed by the photo you took with the camera of the camera - it came out really crisp & clear!! 8O))

  2. love your site I was because i came across your site a for years back that i started doing the odd 28mm, i used your tips for paint a commission job english civil war perry minatures.
    I've just started my own blog a coulpe of weeks ago mainly 18mm AB's maybe you might come on over and give your opinion which is very highly regarded