January 6, 2010

The First Minis of 2010

I'm starting off the year with models I can use for both Historicon and my personal collection (clever, that).

When I set out to muster a new army for any period, I find an orbat from a battle that will form the basis of my collection. My initial foray into Peninsular Napoleonics for the British was Craufurd's famous Light Division. Having finished that (though I am now painting on building the division again using Victrix and Perry - more on that in coming months), I picked out Picton's Third Division to choose elements from next. I finished the first brigade (I'll post pics of them in the coming week) except for the 'penny packets' of the 60th Rifles that accompany the brigade. Eight of the twelve are pictured above and the other four are nearly finished...


  1. Looks great! The green is very realistic.

  2. The green is Foundry Br Bottle Green A-C and it really works well. I hate seeing bright green riflemen!