January 21, 2010

Fix Bayonets!

I'm talking about plastic models, not a cry to ready your men for hand to hand combat! I love all of the new plastic models that have come over the last year. I've been building multi-part Games Workshop plastic minis for years. The ease of converting plastics is something I welcome in historical miniatures.

However, one of the drawbacks with plastic models is that they are much more fragile than metal. The bayonets on these new recruits are easy to break if you're not careful. While you can send the careless bugger into combat without it (serves him right after all) it's actually an easy fix. I always have muskets left over so a loner should be easily on hand. The secret is not to try and fix the bayonet - it's too small and unless you have the broken bit, you will never be able to piece it back together seamlessly. Instead, make the cut where the bayonet joins the musket. I use liquid super glue for all of my plastic modeling projects so there won't be any unsightly goo left around the join. Apply a small amount of glue on each section, count to ten to give it time to start working. It is melting the plastic for those unfamiliar with plastic modeling glue and the brief pause will make it 'tackier' and easier to stick together. The end result will be good as new!

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  1. Thanks for the tip - I used it once already! Regards, Dean