January 16, 2010

Legion Hanoverienne

My Peninsular French collection is based on Ney's VI Corps in 1810. There are several reasons I picked this corps - Ney is my favorite Marshal, the formation sparred with Craufurd's Light Division continuously that year culminating in the Combat on the Coa, and the presence of allied battalions to break up all of the blue coats!

This one of two Legion Hanoverienne battalions in Loison's Division made with Victrix models. The second one is under way as I post this. In addition I will be adding the Legion du Midi as well - basically French uniforms with brown jackets and sky blue facings. All of these units will be joining the French attack at Historicon!


  1. Sweet! I always like Frenchies in red coats.

  2. Hello; absolutely lovely stuff. BTW, could you tell me what size bases you use? It appears you've slightly off-set the figures towards the rear of the bases. Most-likely due to the bayonets sticking out on many of the Victrix poses. I have my Victrix figures on washers and then on 45X45mm magnetic movement trays, but may rebase them like yours. Thanks, Dean

  3. My bases are 45x50mm and you're right, mainly to protect the bayonets on the advancing models. However, I also like the extra room for adding scenic detail or extra figures (see the Spanish battalion below with the casualty figure). Since the depth of our 28mm units will always be too great, the extra doesn't hurt!