November 2, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Seven

Last month I managed to bring my Tyranid force up to 1500 points...

This gives me one HQ, five Troops(!), one Elite (or two if I split up the Lictors), and one Heavy Support (a pair of Carnifex). Now for the fun part - because I already have so many Troop choices, getting to 2000 points in December will be easy with the addition of one of tank-sized monsters and one or two small units. I have no idea how effective this army will be on the table, but that is really secondary for now. When I get the chance to run some games, I can rework the list while I fill in extra units toward 3000 points!


  1. Clarence, when are you going to paint up some more ECW units?

    -- Jeff

    1. Actually, Jeff I am currently fiddling around with some ECW era models right now, though they are bound for Jamestown, Virginia 1676 for a skirmish game set against the backdrop of Bacon's Rebellion.

      I'm not sure I will ever return to the ECW in a big way and have even considered selling the collection (or cannibalizing the units to speed my Jamestown project). I am much more interested in the later part of the 17th century these days, but things change.