November 7, 2012


Two billion dollars and 18 months of campaigning and the country ends up with essentially the same situation in Washington. Poor (or no) leadership on both sides. A bitterly divided government that won't be able to pursue any meaningful agenda for the future. Normally I hope for gridlock in D.C. because I think the less they accomplish, the better off we are. There are serious problems facing the country and I see few ideas offered to fix things and even less chance of both sides coming together even make the attempt.

Apologies for the rant - more painted models coming up!


  1. One of the biggest problems with US politics is that both parties have gerrymandered districs so that most are guaranteed to go to one party or the other . . . the result being that extremists in both parties tend to win primaries and get elected . . . which usually means that they absolutely refuse to cooperate because the "other side" are (in their view) practically "minions of the devil" . . . so we have gridlock.

    -- Jeff

  2. Only in American do we reward failure, go figure!

  3. Sherman: "Well Grant, we've had the devil's own day today, haven't we?"

    Grant: "Yes, we will lick 'em tomorrow though."

    Never give up. Never. Ever.