October 27, 2012

Red Scorpions Land Raider

Ok - I was supposed to be painting Tyranids for my 'A Tale of One Gamer' this month and I have made progress on that front (pics next week). However, I have also been working on a Space Marine Land Raider Crusader for my Red Scorpions army and rather than wait for next month I wanted to feature the tank in a post of it's own.

I am extremely pleased with the results. The skull and wings emblem on the upper hull was painted freehand which was something I've never really attempted. I took a photo of the top of the model, imported the image into CorelDraw, and designed the graphic to size. I printed this to use as a reference. After painting the hull grey, I used a white colored pencil to sketch my design on the hull and then carefully blocked in the shapes. When I was satisfied with the emblem, I highlighted in the same manner as the rest of the tank.

The side and front hatches are from Forge World. I painted the crew model as a Techmarine rather than a standard trooper to break up the monotony of grey and gold. Right now the model is in pristine condition, right from the manufactorum, but I plan on adding battle damage and weathering.

Tyranids coming next week...


  1. Nice work, looks very complicated to me!!!

  2. 40K not really my thing - but that is a fantastic bit of painting Clarance! The more I look at the detail the more in awe I am!


  3. hi im working on a simlar red scorpions land raider right now and i was wondering what paint you use for that pale yellow i can seem to get it right

    1. Hi, Dylan!

      My Red Scorpions are painted with Wargames Foundry paints. The yellow is OCHRE 4A-4-C... The primary color you see is 4B, with 4A in the recesses and 4C painted as edge highlights.

      Hope that helps!