May 27, 2012

Artillery Traynes

While I'm still working on adding infantry units, I wanted to start mixing in some artillery support...

These have been painted in the uniform of King William III's artillery trayne for the campaign in Ireland - blue coats with orange facings (orange in the same manner that my Dutch Guard were painted - no reason to think the artillerist uniforms held up any better than the guard unit). Only trained artillerists were issued with uniforms, with the 'fetch and carry' labor being provided by civilians. Both of the above models are obviously uniformed, but some of my single models will be painted in brown, grey, or white (which will let me use them for both sides). My eventual uniformed Jacobite gunners will be in red or grey coats.

My plans for the artillery involve a very flexible set up to allow me to maximize the mileage I can get from my pieces. Light and battalion guns will be unbased with the crew mounted as single figures as the model above. The reason for this is to allow me to use the same model gun with a limber (once the Warefare Minaitures limbers come out). My goal for the collection is one light gun per foot brigade, but with the mix of civilian attire, I can always shift a gun from one side or the other for specific scenarios.

For medium and large guns, the crews will be fixed to vignette bases, but the guns will still be loose and simply set in place, again to allow them to be used with limbers. These will be painted with both uniformed and civilian clothed crew. I want two or three medium guns per side, but I'll probably only paint a pair of large guns for Williamite army since most Jacobite heavy pieces were mounted in city defense.


  1. Great work Clarence!! Looking mighty fine!

  2. Very nice Clarence, the army seems to be coming along.