May 25, 2012

40k Friday

This week is a twofer! For the Chaos Space Marines chapter, I chose The Purge, a legion dedicated to Father Nurgle. Here are the two 'vanilla' Chaos Space Marine squads (and their Rhinos - all of my infantry have Rhinos) that form the core of my army.


  1. Very nice looking minis !

    Best regards Michael

  2. More nice stuff Clarence, the ruins look very good as well.

  3. nice! what green paint did you use?

  4. I started with a black undercoat and drybrushed coats of Ork Flesh (heavily), Goblin Green, and Rotting Flesh (very lightly to pick out the raised edges). Then I used a glaze of Thraka Green Wash to unify the layers. Last I used a controlled wash of Ogryn Flesh along joins in the armor, around rivets and badges, etc. Then I went back with Chaos Black and tidied up the errant strokes where green paint got onto other areas before finishing off the other details...

    Hope that helps!