May 4, 2012

40k Friday

With the new 40k collections underway, I thought I'd keep the theme up with 40k Friday! I already have four large armies and thought I'd take the opportunity to feature more on them - I'll be pulling photos completely at random from my old collection and maybe take the opportunity to take new photos or post 'artsy' photoshop alterations in the style of the 'combat photos' seen in Forge World books.

I'll kick off this new feature with a unit I've never photographed - my Crimson Fist Terminators (as usual, click on the photo for a larger image)!


  1. Not really my cup o tea, but very well painted!!!

  2. Thanks, Ray!

    I absolutely realize that the 40k series will not be to everyone's liking, but it's a choice between letting the blog sit with less frequent posts when I work on other projects or simply including everything that I'm up to in the hobby. My long-time gaming buddies all have 40k armies and more eagerly jump to attend games when I'm in sci-fi mode.

    From the mercenary stand point of drawing an audience, the Warhammer 40k stuff from my other site dominates the search engine results by a ridiculous margin. Including both historical and sci-fi topics seems to work well for a few of the other blogs I follow.

    As I mentioned in the post a few days ago, I haven't abandoned other projects. I have a box full of new goodies en route from Warfare including THE Jacobite himself who will feature in a command vignette marking my first models for the Jacobite side at the Boyne...

    1. Wow, I really like the whole 40k universe and a lot of the miniatures, especially the older ones. You did a very great job on the dark blue and the crimson! I always foud plate armour a bit tricky to paint.

  3. You just posting your 40K figures Clarence they look superb. My Chaos army has never been photographed so perhaps this is the spur I need.

  4. Nice job but shoulder pads are wrong - chapter badge should be on the right one.