May 18, 2012

40k Friday

Death to the False Emperor! While I can probably field over 5000-points in Imperials between my Space Marines and Imperial Guard, I have over 3000-points of Chaos Space Marines with NO Daemons or engines of war larger than a Vindicator. I can easily push it over 4000-points by painting a couple of Greater Daemons or Princes and kitting out my Terminators with a Landraider.

 One of my favorite units in the army are the Plague Marines. As with all of my 40k armies, Forge World models play a big role. Both the infantry models and Rhino APC sport Forge World conversion kits.


  1. Last week it was Death Korps of Krieg, this week Plague Marines.


    Get out of my head! ;)

    Beautifully disgusting.

  2. Plague Marines are my favourite Chaos forces, fantastic work Clarence.