December 12, 2011

Danish Foot Guard (Garden til Fods) - WIP 01

I have finally gotten around to digging into my Warfare Miniatures pile and sorted out the models for four battalions of foot, destined for a Danish brigade for the campaign In Ireland 1690. Of course these units will be based for Beneath the Lily Banners which means I will need units of 15-18 models (3 stands of 5-6 models). The rules are quite liberal as far as frontage goes - anything from 15-20mm per model will work fine. I've opted for 50x50mm bases because I like the way they looked with my AWI units.

Here are my first two dashing lads from the Danish Foot Guard or Garden til Fods. These models are from the WOLA4 Musketeer Advancing pack which make up the rank and file. I removed the fixed plug bayonets, but that left me with empty scabbards on their belts. I simply cut down the blade of the bayonet to serve as the plug and glued the tiny contraption to the coat above the scabbard (you can see this clearly on the right hand model).

I want this army to have a very hard, campaign look so they'll normally be sporting scruffy chins and muddy boots. The coats and trousers were painted with Foundry Boneyard A and highlighted with Foundry Boneyard B. The cuffs, waistcoat, and stockings were painted with Vallejo Red (70926), Flat Red (70957), and final highlights of Scarlet (817).

I'll post these 'real time' as I finish them (and as I get the chance to take photos) for a running Work in Progress series.


  1. Nice painting on some nice models! Is the illustration going in the campaign book?

    AlthoughI think you mean Garden till Fods. Garden till Flod would translate to Guard of the River ;)


  2. Son of a... you are correct of course and I have edited the post (had it right in an earlier post last week - that's what I get for not looking it up again), though I haven't seen it written with two l's in "till" before but I'll fix that too when I get the chance to look it up...

    The illo might be in the new book - I haven't really started on the art yet. This is one of half a dozen figures I created that I can swap colors on for my own personal uniform template collection.

  3. Those look great! I'm looking forward to your "work in progress" reports!

  4. Hm, I wouldn't swear on the double L, I'm from Sweden and although Swedish and Danish are similar I'm not that good at the small things! ;)

  5. Beautiful work. Any sign of the flag sheets for the Irish Campaign or might you be putting them up here as you complete your own units ?
    Jon M

  6. Jon, a series of flag sheets will be available soon, though I won't be posting them here except as proudly carried by my finished units. I will be offering flag sheets for sale through Warfare Miniatures. Each sheet will feature three units and provide two flags for each. Every effort is being made to group them into 'brigades' that logically fought together during the Boyne/Augrim campaign (increasing the likelyhood that if you are colecting forces for the campaign all three units will be useful for you). So far I've got six Danish units, four English (need two more to complete the second sheet), and three Hugeunot.

    There will also be sheets with six generic Cross of St George and Cross of St Andrew flags. I have a sheet with six different Dutch Guard flags because there seems to be a lot of controversy on the correct one! Players can chooce which flags to use. I'll start on the Jacobite flags as soon as I feel there are a good selection of Williamite units. I will also offer several sheets of fictional flags to fill in some of the many unknown units which may carry family crests, likely devices, or other common emblems. Of course, I'll be making cavalry standards too.

    Finally once this campaign is well represented, I'll move on to flags for other nations and theaters!