December 28, 2011

Zealand (Sjaellandske) WIP 01

The first recruits of the next battalion in my Danish Brigade:

Now that I see them in a photo, I notice the grey coats turned out a little darker than I wanted so they are in need of another highlight. I was concerned about not having enough contrast between the grey coats and white stockings (which I never bring up to pure white on campaign uniforms), but I think the mud spatter will take care of that anyway! Anyway, as you can see, this unit will be depicted in a gun line. Most of the command figures will be in the second rank as it makes for a more effective presentation with small wargames units if the models are dealing death across the entire face of the battalion.

Now these lads are off to the tailor for some lighter fabric, which they will be sporting in WIP 02!


  1. They look great in the photo. I suppose highlighting the gray would make them stand out more. Best, Dean

  2. Wonderful looking figures and brush work.