December 21, 2011

New Artillery Offer from Warfare Miniatures!

Pre-orders for the FIELD GUN and POSITIONAL GUN can now be placed in the League of Augsburg Shop. The guns come with 4 and 6 crew respectively.

The guns are ready but the crews will not be available for a couple of weeks. We are taking preorders now and to make that a little sweet we are offering two added bonuses:

1. any order OVER £40.00 and including a gun will ship free till Jan 15.
2. The first 30 orders for each gun will receive a free limber (as yet unreleased) free with the order. If you order one of each gun and it is within the first 30 you'll get 2 limbers free.

Painted and Photographed by Barry Hilton

There are also two new codes in the shop: WLOA12 and WLOA13; These are the long awaited mixed codes to allow you to add even more variety to your units!

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