December 20, 2011

Danish Foot Guard WIP - 03

All of the models are finished. I've decided not to use the washes. It doesn't look bad, but as others pointed out in the earlier post, they don't really need the extra step.

I would like to point out Danish grenadiers probably did not wear fur caps in Ireland (my chosen theater). It would be more accurate to portray them in cloth caps or even floppy hats like the rest of the unit. For the purposes of my wargame unit, I chose these models because their pose matched the advancing posture of the rest of the unit. I'll base these troops properly over the next few days and have the finished unit for display, flags and all!


  1. They look fine Clarence,I think in this instance wash would add little to the overall finish. Top job.


  2. Great work, Clarence. Vivid, bold colours and very natural shading/highlighing. As always, a joy to behold!

    Best wishes