April 4, 2011

TYW Febru... oh, Crap...

Ok, I fell woefully short of my goal timewise. Events in my life have conspired of late to limit my painting time, however I am finally finished and have a happy customer!

I'll have pics of the officers and old Count Tilly himself later this week (they are finished as well, but why blow update opportunities all in one day?) and some shots of these stalwarts in action and proper formations as well!


  1. Those are some seriously nice figures!

    Where did you get the flags from?

  2. I made the flags... I am an illustrator and graphic designer. I created the flags on the computer and printed my own flag sheets.

  3. Pretty!

    Did the Bavarians historically use the Burgundian Cross of the Spanish, or is that a bit of artistic license?

  4. The design was popular among Catholic League forces, often red on white, sometimes reversed or even in other colors. I've also seen the red cross over the traditional Bavarian diamond pattern. The Madonna flag also was popular and the device was used over different colors and patterns. In any case, this was the design the customer sent and it was featured on a page with other flags carried by the forces of Count Tilly.

  5. Beautiful paint job! And great work on the flags too.

  6. Achtung! Miene Liebe Clarence - your Tilly's Bavarians are Wunderbar! Nice design job on the flags too.


  7. Great work! Love these big units!

  8. Top drawer stuff.

    Beautifull brushwork!