April 11, 2011

Sturmgeshutz and Sorcery - Part II

AC w/20 mm cannon
Hftk w/ Lt. MG
Hftk w/ Lt. MG
VW Kubelwagen
1 Hauptmann (SS equivalent), MP
3 Feldwebels (SS equivalent), SMG
3 drivers, MP
1 driver, SMG
3 crew, MP
20 men, Rifles and Hand Grenades
3 Pzfsts.
160 mm. mtr. w/ 20 rounds HE
1 Flamethrower


There has been unusual resistance activity in this area, and in the last few days a squad of Security troops  were wiped out in a battle with them. Only one old man, bearded, and with no weapons, was found at the scene of the battle. From his dress and general appearance it would seem that he was a Russian clergyman  probably there to incite the troops to greater bravery as the Communist commissars have failed in this respect.


The hiding place of the guerrillas is probably in a remote and wild area which is accessible only by means of a very old and rough cart track. You must proceed to this area, surround their camp, and wipe them out to a man. The suspected camp site is undoubtedly well-camouflaged, for aerial recon has found only very occasional signs of movement there.

The force listed above forms the basis for my Germans in this scenario. The photo is of some of the models in my collection, and though the infantry composition isn't quite right (though my final force may vary slightly from the army list presented above), the four vehicles in the scenario are represented. I have to paint a handful of black garbed vehicle crewmen, a trench coated officer, and the mortar crew, but my German force is almost finished...

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