April 24, 2011

Easter Egg

Here is the official Army Roster Sheet for BLB2 (and works equally well for BLB1 while you're waiting)...

We'll work out a place to post a hi-res version, but for now I just wanted to post another little preview. Props to Joe North of Florida who inspired the design with some sheets he brought along to Historicon last year.


  1. Hi Clarrie (the Aussie version of 'Clarence')

    Your BtLB work is inspirational as is your blog in general. One of the best (most useful) around in my humble opinion - which is why I've nominated it (you) for an award. Its part of a chain-mail pay-it-forward type thing but at the end of the day it is peer recognition by SOMEONE of your blog-work - always nice to know! So enjoy:



  2. Doc, you rascal! Many thanks and I'll get you back for this... I'll have to give my seven things some thought...