April 26, 2011

My First Blog Award

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for my first blog award by that rascally Aussie Docsmith. Now this award may be somewhat dubious since it comes with a 'chain letter' style rules requiring the winner to 'pass it on', however the fact that it comes from one of my peers (and one of my favorite blogs) makes it very special. Thanks, Doc!

Along with great power comes great responsibility. Rather than simply bask in the glory of my achievement, I now have a duty to:

1. Thank the nominating blog and include a link back (done!).
2. Share seven things about yourself, presumably beyond the realm normally covered by the blog (see below).
3. Nominate more blogs you deem worthy to share your honor.
4. Let them know you nominated them!

Ok, seven things about me you might not have known (and probably were just as well off)...
- I am a rock and jazz bass player... Billy Sheehan is my hero! I've played in bands most of my life and recorded several CD's. I simply don't have time to pursue this hobby right now, but one of these days...
- I play D&D... ok not a huge surprise, but I've been DMing games in my own fantasy world, The Realm of Quindia, for more than 30 years. Some twenty players have explored this world, including my brother who began those adventures with me and continues to share them today.
- I collect 'old school' D&D stuff - books, adventures, magazines, miniatures, etc.
- I am working on adding 'author' to my list of small contributions to the wargaming hobby (stay tuned).
- I am a huge Doctor Who fan - primarily of the Tom Baker era. I even have my own scarf knitted for me by by little sister...
- I have two birman cats named Napoleon and Josephine who permit me to live in their house. 


  1. Congrtaz!! As I'm typing sitting at work were watching Tom Baker as Dr Who in Genesis of the Daleks, Davros' first ever appearance!! My work mate Keir, is a huge Dr Who fan.

  2. 'Rascally' eh? I could have guessed you were a muso the way you strummed those terrain boards into perfection! Funnily enough I also have a similar confession (that didn't make it into my 'seven things' list) - I was an average percussionist and worse vocalist with rock band Birnum Wood in the very dim distant pass. Lost the voice and the sense of rhythm many years ago hence the concentration on the rhythmic strokes of the paintbrush and singing to myself while painting wargaming figures!


  3. Congrats on the award, well deserved I think! Looking forward to the future stuff you post up here :)