January 21, 2011


This is ridiculous. I have the attention span of a four year old. Somehow my desk has gotten out of control. I am working on no less than five miniature projects simultaneously in snatches between working on Beneath the Lily Banners (briefest of breaks as I wait for the uniform guide photos to roll in).

Right now on my desk, I have the following models in various stages of completion:

5 Dark Elves on Cold Ones: My current commission is in it's final stages. All I need to do is paint the banner pole topper (add after gluing the flag on this afternoon) and finish the bases, which will all get done tomorrow - photos next week!

12 Grand Alliance Infantry: The new Warfare Miniatures I previewed a few days ago. I undercoated these models today and will be painting them next week.

40 ACW infantry: These are 40mm Sash & Saber and are part of a brigade I am painting up for Historicon this year. Barry and will be running a variation of Republic to Empire (more news on this later). All I need to do is finish the bases.

60 Warhammer Empire Infantry, 12 Empire Cavalry, and a couple of War Machines: The core of my Empire army, assembled and ready for paint. No idea when I will actually get to start on these.

10-model Mordheim Empire Warband: The inspiration for my Empire army, painted in the black and white colors of Ostland.

9-model Mordheim Bretonnian Warband: Destined to be rivals of my Ostlanders - Assembled and ready for paint.

3 Warhammer Trolls: No idea why... really nice models, though. These were fun to build and one of these days I'm going to paint them just for the fun of it...

12 Battlemechs: Old Ral Partha Battletech minis - my friends and I played this game twenty years ago. Recently my brother found my old collection of more than 80 models in the attic of our parent's house. I'm going to paint up enough models to use for one-off games or even a short campaign to run on off weeks when we can't find time for our normal games.

2 Battalions of French Grand Alliance: The Foundry units I have for sale - thankfully these models are finished and simply sitting on the desk because I really don't have room for them in my display cases.

3 Front Rank British Riflemen: No idea why these are on my desk - I haven't painted any Napoleonics since last summer.

8 Dungeons & Dragons Minis: These are various manufacturers, mostly Reaper characters plus a WotC Owlbear and an Otherworld Troll. The monsters and two of the characters are painted...

1 Reaper Hedgehog Hero: Ok, I really, really don't know why...


  1. Sadly this is situation (fairly) normal for many gamers I know who have many projects on the go. On the bright side you wont get bored painting the same period! 8O)

    My current problem is that my painting desk is currently covered in several projects ... but only one of them is mine! I periodically make The son & heir remove a project or two of his so that I can get some painting space.

    von Peter himself

  2. Clarence,

    What? No naval units? Surely you must have overlooked them . . . the Pre-Dreadnought ships are wonderfully quirky (and it is a cool period to game as well).

    And you need some WWI biplanes too. The early air war can be very exciting . . . but surely you know that . . . so you do need to paint up a few squadrons for each side, now . . . don't you?

    You see, Clarence, you really don't have enough interesting projects going . . . yes, you need to expand your gaming horizons.

    -- Jeff (*grinning*)

  3. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad or so odd. :-) Love the hedgehog--the icing on the cake!

  4. I may have to actually paint the Hedgehog...

  5. Well,I'm aspiring to have an attention span of a 4 year old as I'm stuck on 2.;-)Oh,and btw if it's any consolation your painting area looks pristine compared to mine!:-o


  6. I just wish I had my old painting desk back. It's not been the same since 2006!