January 12, 2011

Dark Elves on Dinosaurs - Part Three

Done and Dusted! The goal at this stage is to keep the highlights small and sharp. On many areas, such as the scales, this turns into a 'dot' but if the scale is large enough I tried to paint a stripe along the upper third. Both metallics were highlighted with Citadel Mithril Silver and for the most part this was applied to the sharp edges of armor or only the highest peak of the helm.

I probably won't post any more on these until the unit is finished unless someone has specific questions on something I didn't explain. So now off to the other four!


  1. Very nice. If I may ask, what size and brand brushes are you using for this work? Been having a bit of trouble of late. Brushes I've used in the past don't seem as good or as durable as before. I may need to switch. Any recommendations?

  2. I have a mug full of brushes! Right now in my paint kit I have Reaper Pro brushes because that's what my FLGS stocks. They seem to hold up pretty well. Most of my painting is done with the 0 and 3/0 brushes. I have a 5/0 brush that I reserve for painting eyes, highlights on gems, etc.

    I get e-mails about equipment occasionally - sounds like an idea for a blog post!