July 4, 2010

General de Brigade D'Heroique

With most of my preparations for Historicon finished (yea!), I realized I only had enough French officers for two brigades! Since the scenario calls for three brigades plus a C-in-C for the French, this could have posed a problem... especially since I have run out of unpainted mounted officers... yes, I need to let that sink in for a few minutes. I have had piles of unpainted Napoleonics around for more than a decade and I've never gone to the bits box and come up empty. During my work on REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE, I managed to paint almost every metal Foundry French infantry model I had. I still have boxes of plastic Victrix and Perry models, but since all of my French models are Foundry, I wanted a Foundry officer.

Back to the bits box... I found a Foundry (remember I said almost) Young Guard Officer on foot that was part of a pack of skirmishers and inspiration struck. Further searching found a Victrix horse and I started painting. Presenting my alter ego on the game table (note the pony tail, added with a bit of green stuff), General de Brigade Henri D'Heroique:

I might manage another post before Historicon, but if not I will try to post a couple of updates from the field if I get the chance.


  1. Holy long haired layabo..... errr, quick thinking batman. Enjoy Historicon you lucky dog, cant wait to see the after carnage reports (eyecandy).

  2. Clever solution to your shortage of mounted officers. Quite reasonable that an officer might jump down to the ground to give some 'personal attention' to an underling.