July 23, 2010

Battle of the Boyne - Friday

Looks like the poll is running toward including other historical projects, which is great because I want to show some pics of our Grand Alliance game using the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners (available this fall)! This was actually the first time I got to play these rules beyond set piece situations to test certain rules because I don't have armies for the period (yet... heh). The main table was the same by design, but the 'loose' terrain was different. All three of these games used the same set up, based on the historical battle, but all three played out very differently...

All of the terrain again was mine, but this time, the armies were Barry Hilton's - some from his personal collection and some that were painted specifically for the convention which found a new home here in the USA. One one side, King William III (mercilessly referred to as King Billy by Barry the entire weekend) with his mix of Dutch, Danes, Irish, and French Huguenot infantry, a pair of heavy guns, but no cavalry. On the other side, King James II with his Irish army, including six squadrons of horse.King James II also had two battalions of French in reserve - though they were not present at the historical battle, there were French units in the campaign. In all three games, the player in charge of the French were told they were under orders from home to be reluctant allies (move at half speed - what was funny is that none of the other players on their side seemed to notice).

As with our Republic to Empire games, the table was full for all three games!

Barry's river crossing minis were a big hit with the players and passerby's. The river took a random number of turns to cross. Here, King Billy directs the crossing of his French brigade...

Farther down, the Danes also attempt a crossing...

King James II's horse respond to the French crossing...

The French brigade sees off the cavalry and are soon to be reinforced by the Irish contingent of King Billy's army...

Yet another crossing near the village of Old Bridge. The Dutch Guards and combined grenadiers emerge to face the Irish Guards!

This game ended with King James II quitting the field, just as he did in the historical engagement, and I think a marginal victory for the Williamites who had gained a foothold on the central crossing. Old Bridge was still being contested, but the Jocobite center, including most of their cavalry was in retreat.


  1. Wow
    I love all thode srossing/swimming minis!. A great idea

  2. The recreation of the Boyne has stirred the Celt in me - I've Protestant Irish ancestry - 'twas a joy ta see good King Billy give those 'others' a seeing-to!

    The semi-submerged figures for crossing the river looked terrific and your terrain boards worked a treat for the scenario. Looks like another enjoyable game at the 'Con! Well done.


  3. I saw this terrain (and the fording figures) at Historicon. Gorgeous!