July 9, 2010


I am having a blast at Historicon! It's been great to meet Barry and get to spend more than the usual hour or so talking on the phone. We've run two games that seem to have been big hits, with the third set to kick off in a little over an hour. They were both full with a cordon of spectators. I've had lots of compliments on the terrain and figures, offers to buy some of it, and two inquiries about commissions, all of which I will have to consider.

It's also been great just to meet so many of the people in the industry - the Perry twins, Nic and Rob from Eureka Miniatures, Duncan McFarlan, Dave Taylor, Angus Konstam, Chris Scott, Buddy from Triangle Miniatures plus guys from the forums and folks who chime in here: Joe, Gavin, Rob, Derek, Hugh... apologies to those I didn't name - I've meet so many people in the last two days it's all kind of a blur... in case, I've enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone!

I've taken lots of photos but I haven't had the time to download them so it may have to wait until sanity returns to my life. Two games down and four to go!


  1. ... er ... isn't Angus a bit dead nowadays?

  2. Arrgh! I talked with Angus Konstam! Both Osprey ties... my apologies and my post has been corrected! Thanks!

  3. I saw pix of your Napoleonic game on TMP and it looked fantastic