June 28, 2010

Over the River...

More terrain for Historicon! In fact, the bridge is the central focus of the scenario and the side with uncontested control of the crossing at the end of the game is the winner!

This was a bear to construct for the simple reason that I wanted the arches to meet the river banks. Since the bridge is not a permanent part of the board, that meant each end had to be carefully cut to match the bank. The natural slopes are not symmetrical, so each point that rests on the shore is cut at a different angle. Had I simply constructed a 'flat' bridge, it would have been much easier since it would just sit atop the banks.

I mentioned a few posts back that the Spanish had attempted to destroy the bridge, so I modeled it with a chunk blown out and timbers thrown across the gap. I debated leaving the timbers as loose and building the placement into the scenario, but decided against it in the end. Crossing the planks will be treated as crossing a liner obstacle so troops trying to force the bridge will face the additional trouble of being slowed down (as if the guns overlooking the bridge wouldn't be trouble enough).

Time is flitting away, with about ten days before I head north to meet Mr. Hilton at the airport. All of the terrain for both scenarios is finished. I am putting the finishing touches on the French 82nd Line's bases. The only troops I have left to paint are a ten skirmishing voltigueres, a mounted French brigadier, and three British riflemen. If I have the time I want to paint a handful of Spanish villagers and some livestock to bring the village to life.


  1. Fantastic, I will be waiting with impatience for photos from the game.


  2. To say your work is outstanding is an understatement.

    I really admire the attention to detail and patience required to produce the terrain and models for this display.

    I find I enjoy the hobby of painting etc more than the gaming. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures for all of us to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

    Happy Gaming,


  3. That is truely stunning! I would love to play in this game.

  4. Again,simply stunning scenery!!


  5. Nice touch on a tricky job - it fits over the river well and you can't really tell its been plonked on the terrain not part of it. Wouldn't like to be the first fusilier trying to get over that bridge though!

  6. I would recommend not making the broken bridge too difficult an obstacle to cross in order to assist in the flow of the game scenario. The attackers need to feel like they have a chance to succeed. You might want to play test it several times to see how your scenario conditions play out. Stunning terrain. I wish that I could be there to see it in person

  7. Nicely done piece. I love the battle damage and hasty battlefield repair work. Lovely.

  8. Not to worry, Fritz! The only allied troops in position to defend the bridge are a pair of Spanish guns and two battalions of Spanish line infantry. The French start near the river while the British will be marching to the sound of guns.

    Besides the bridge, there is a ford as well which half of the French force will attempt to use. I've only been able to play test half of the battle at once (I can't set up a 6x8' table in my game room), but the French haven't had much trouble gaining the other side of the river... holding onto their ground though is another thing entirely!

  9. Everything looks awesome. Sorry I haven't snuck by to take a peek at everything during the last few weeks. Didn't you tell me these six match up with all of the other boards?

  10. Yep, all of these new boards match up with my existing collection!