June 5, 2010

Terrain for Historicon - Part Ten

Before painting the river, I want to add a little more detail to the grass areas. I want to add patches of static grass in areas not only to add yet more colors, but more textures. You can also use this step to cover up any rough looking areas caused by poor drybrushing, wrinkles in the felt mat, or any other offensive areas of the landscape! Besides, all of my models are based with static grass and adding it to the board will make them look more at home!
It's pretty much like adding rubble. I spread a little glue in the areas I want the grass, sprinkle it on, let it dry, and remove the excess with that risky vaccuum. The trick here is to stipple out the edges of the glue to get a more natural transition between the static grass and the surrounding terrain.

The last shot is the 'north' half of the battlefield, completely finished except for the river, which I hope to complete tomorrow (with pics up in a few days)!

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