January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead at 2016

Happy New Year!

I am positive this is going to be a busy year for painting and modeling. Here are a few things I have planned...

Historicon 2016
I've already mentioned that Barry Hilton is making the trip across the pond and we are going to put on multiple games of Beneath the Lily Banners this summer. A great deal of my time will be devoted to building the table, painting my share of the models (I cunningly saddled Barry with 60 singly based infantry and 3 squadrons of horse), and working up various accessories and handouts. Most of my posts about this will appear on the League of Augsburg blog, but I'll mirror enough here to keep my site up to date on the progress as well. I am hoping to make progress on my Boyne project as well - some of the horse I paint for Historicon will be reflagged as the Jacobites I need for that.

All of the members of my regular group are frantically collecting and painting warbands. My terrain board is coming along nicely and I am just waiting for some supplies to arrive in the mail to finish it. I'm going to field a Summoner named Madcap Toddlefell and his apprentice Kip. I have no idea what composition of soldiers I want and will likely just paint those that appeal to me the most (and get killed in the upcoming campaign). I'll have more on this as we get on.

My American army is finished (for now) and I have piles of unpainted British and Hessians. My initial goal is to paint some light infantry and cavalry on single bases for some Donnybrook games. Then I hope to cobble together four or five units of regulars for a small game of Piquet.

Oldhammer and Rogue Trader
I have lots of plans to expand my old school collections (I just scored over 180 Citadel and Marauder Dwarfs from eBay - I may have gone a bit overboard). You can read more about that at the Stro'Knor Macekiller blog.

Newhammer.. err.. Age of Sigmar
I want to expand on my Nurgle Chaos collection. I already have lots of models - I just need to paint them!

The League of Augsburg Presents...
Besides painting, I am back on the Ireland books (and at least three other titles) with Barry. Last year I had to bow out of any creative work with LoA and Wordtwister. Barry sought out a company to do the layouts (with my full support), but for several reasons the project didn't move forward as planned. I offered to take on the books again in November and we are now full steam ahead. I am very excited to show some of what's coming, but want to get a little father along. The Ireland campaign of 1989-91 will be covered in three massive volumes. Barry really has outdone himself and I hope to up my game as well.

As usual, I will probably get distracted by something shiny (there is a Dr Who Miniatures Game coming from Warlord at some point) and my plans will probably go awry.

Thanks for continuing to stop by... All the best for 2016!


  1. Sounds like a very productive and interesting year ahead. Happy New Year to you too Clarence!

  2. Get that thinking cap on Clarence....I NEED them Ireland books!! ;0)

  3. I'll be keeping an eye out for the AWI Donnybrook project Clarence, as I'm wondering about a similar effort at some point in the future. I'll be curious to see if you change much with the rules. Very exciting! And the Irish books will also be on the shopping list as well!

    Looking forward to 2016 and what you come up with.
    Best wishes

    Andy http://haveacare.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Andy, just for getting on...

      Most of the factions work the same - soldiers, militia, outlaws, natives, etc. Even the cultists might be used for a Salem or Sleepy Hollow themed game. You may need to change some of the character names, but Sergeant and Doxy work as well in the Americas as Europe.

      The only major change - muskets are no longer move or fire and you may dispense with the misfire rule except in the case of poorly maintained muskets, which would be a scenario specific rule rather than a general one. Add rifles which ARE move or fire and have a range of 30".

      Sorted, but if I encounter any other specifc mods, I'll mention them when the time comes...

    2. Brilliant! Cheers Clarence. I'll have a think about those ideas. ...thinking the Perry twins and Foundry might be getting some money. I like the idea of poorly maintained muskets in a scenario as well! ANOTHER project to consider!

      Cheers for that, and take care! Looking forward to seeing more of your work this year! Best wishes


  4. All the best for the 2016 which stretches out before us.

    I don't know if you will be new to Piquet but I'd like to think that you'll enjoy the quite different game that it will present to you.

    von Peter himself

    1. Au contraire mon ami, I have been playing Piquet since it was first published in 1995 (God, I am old)! I started with 15mm Napoleonics and ACW. I have since used it mainly for 28mm Napoleonics (when not using R2E, of course). I've not used them for the AWI yet, but I have no doubt they will work brilliantly for the kind of game I enjoy.