January 10, 2016

Jacobite Foot - Sir Eustace's Regiment

These have been finished for a while now, but I just got the chance to finish the bases. Presenting Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment of Foot for Beneath the Lily Banners...

They are one of the Jacobite regiments that were present at the Battle of Penny Burn Mill. As I always like to point out (in case someone stumbles on this for the first time), with a flag swap this regiment can be used as many different units as red coats with yellow facings was a popular garb...

Irish - O'Brien/Clare and Galmoy
Dutch - Fagel and Friesen
English - Trelawney, Beaumont, Churchill, Hasting, Douglas, and Erle

Not to mention one of the dozen's of regiments we know nothing about!

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