August 23, 2014

Sons of Liberty

Today I managed to finish a unit that has been on my desk FOR A YEAR! This is extremely unlike me - I normally paint four or five models a day - but for now my free time continues to be very limited. This five stand battalion adds to my AWI collection...

The unit is meant to represent the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia formation at the Battle of Cowpens, so I mixed in several different coat/vest/trouser combos. Units were reorganized mercilessly between almost every battle in the southern campaign so I imagine very few units would present a uniform appearance.

Why five stands? That's all the uniformed models I had on hand, but upon finishing these models I was inspired and placed an order to give me enough models for seven additional stands. Nominally, I am shooting for a brigade of three four-stand battalions, but the half-hex command stand leading the unit means I can organize my units into battalions of two to six stands depending on the scenario (the same plan I used for my militia) - I just need to paint some more command stands! In addition, I already have several stands of mixed uniforms and civilian clothes from my militia that enables me to represent units of mixed troops and combine my Continentals and militia into units for even more flexibility...

... and yes, I know the stars and stripes probably weren't carried in the field, but this particular standard is known as the 'Cowpens Flag' and is rumored to have been carried at the battle. Besides, as I've said before, it's part of popular culture. Most people seeing the flag will recognize the period as the Revolutionary War. In any case, we don't know what flag (if any) they actually carried, so I'm fine with this one.

I have also managed a few cavalry for my patriots and I'll post those in a few days...


  1. A nice diversity of uniforms and great paint job...excellent!

  2. It always a relief to ones bad conscience to get those lengthy painting projects of the desk (I have a few myself) and what a result you've managed - beautiful unit!

    1. Thanks... finishing the unit inspired me to focus on this collection for a while so hopefully there will be more to follow. I chose to paint a small unit of mounted militia next precisely because I should be able to finish them in a few days of spare time painting.

  3. Well worth the wait; they look marvelous. The basing (5-figs) looks great too.

  4. I agree with you on the Stars and Stripes issue. Nothing says American Revolution more than that flag. The instant you see it on the table, you immediately know what period is being gamed.

  5. A fine looking addition to your collection, totally agree with the choice of flag too!!