August 1, 2014

More Flags!

I am happy to announce we are expanding the period covered by the Quindia Studios flags to include the American War of Independence, starting with five sheets of British infantry that cover most of the units you need for the southern theater.

The first four sheets cover the 7th Foot (1st battalion), 17th Foot (1st battalion), 23rd Foot (1st battalion), 33rd Foot (1st battalion), 43rd Foot (1st battalion), 63rd Battalion (1st battalion), 71st Foot (1st and 2nd battalions), 78th foot (1st and 2nd battalions), and 80th Foot (1st and 2nd battalions)...

The last sheet features British loyalists and includes the King's Loyal Americans, the Queen's Rangers, and the British Legion. These flags are pure conjecture but are based on the conventions of the time. It is possible these units did not even have colors, but I include them for the wargamers and have every intention of using them for units in my collection.

Moving forward I will cover the British units in the northern campaign, the Hessians, American continental and militia units, the Gostelowe Return flags, and even some French! Of course there will also be more flags from the League of Augsburg period including British, Dutch, and Danish from the later part of the period and more flags for the Great Northern War...

You can order them now from the LoA shop!

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