August 27, 2014

More AWI - Mounted Militia

A quick addition for my rebels... mounted militia.

I decided to base these models singly. Most AWI battles have very little cavalry so it won't be too much of a chore to move the unit. I don't even see the need to bother with a movement tray. Where mounted models were more common would be the innumerable skirmishes that took place between battles, making these perfect for 1:1 games of, say... Donnybrook?

The weird thing is that I picked the Battle of Cowpens on which to base my initial collection, probably the only battle where a cavalry charge made a difference in the outcome. There was also a disproportionate number of mounted troops compared to most AWI battles, meaning my collection will have many more models than I need... unless playing a 1:1 skirmish game (see how cunning I am)!

At Cowpens, there seem to have been around 180 American horse and nearly 300 British (well, technically more Americans since most were British Legion with a few 17th Light Dragoons). I plan to paint 18 American horse (12 Continental and State Dragoons and 6 Militia) and 30 British horse (24 British Legion and 6 17th Light Dragoons). Along with the singly based skirmish infantry I have planned for both sides, I should have plenty of models for fighting skirmish games.

I hope to have the next squadron up in a few days... the 1st Continental Dragoons.


  1. The only other was Lazun's legion against Tarelton's legion at Gloucester PT opposite Yorktown.

  2. Hi!

    There were also mounted troops present for the opening rounds at Monmouth. You can have mounted troops guarding wagon trains for both sides - and as raiders - plus small actions on a one to one basis.
    Great painting job on what you've done thus far. Which company's toys are you using?
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon
    "Grumpy is good."

    1. Thanks... So far all of my models are Perry Miniatures...

  3. You should take a look at Fife & Drum Miniatures too. We've added 32 dragoons to the range this year.